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In July I participated in the Tennessee Valley Author Event and this is what a reviewer had to say about the method of swag I used.  It is mid-way through the article so keep scrolling down.


What’s Next for Dodie Jenks?

If you’ve read Bittersweet Sixteen, ( I hope you have! If not, why aren’t you?) then you know that the story doesn’t end  on the last page. There will be a sequel. And that sequel is Twisted Sixteen set to hit bookshelves before the end of summer. Can you stand it? The wait must be torturous for you that are dying to know what is next for Dodie Jenks.

As the writer I have power over Dodie’s future. But I’m curious what my readers might like to see happen. Drop me a line and let me know if you have an opinion you’d like to share.