Twisted Sixteen

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A 300 year old curse …

Bernadette’s Curse

In the 1700s, Bernadette loved young Walter Doherty more than life itself, but when he chose another to be his bride, she vowed on his wedding day that the union would be cursed forever and that the eldest daughter in every generation then and forever afterward would die on her sixteenth birthday.

20 days until Winter Solstice…

To keep Dodie Jenks from perishing on her sixteenth birthday, Leopold, a warlock, puts her into a comatose state as soon as she blows out her birthday candles. His spell is more powerful than he realizes, and it keeps Dodie in a coma much longer than anticipated. Dodie and Leopold try to find a way to reconnect her spirit form to her physical body before the Winter Solstice or risk her losing her life forever.

One Angry Witch…

Determined to see Bernadette’s Curse fulfilled, Anson Parker, Bernadette’s direct descendant, torments and rages against Dodie, trying to claim her life. But he cannot break through the realm and claim her. Fed up with his torture, Dodie fights Anson while both are in the spirit form, unraveling a chain of events that no one was prepared for.