Wicked Sixteen


WickedSixteen_1400x2100A 300 year old curse …

In the 1700s, Bernadette loved young Walter Doherty more than life itself, but when he chose another to be his bride, she vowed on his wedding day that the union would be cursed forever and that the eldest daughter in every generation then and forever afterward would die on her sixteenth birthday.

Cursed and Claimed…

After surviving Bernadette’s Curse, Dodie finds herself claimed by the witch Anson Parker when their blood mingles. Even in death Anson’s hold on Dodie is strong. She hides this fact from her family, fearing her parents couldn’t handle the latest development in this nightmare that has become her life. Nor does she want to admit to them that her surviving the curse doesn’t mean that Bernadette’s Curse has been broken.

Determined to break Bernadette’s Curse once and for all, Dodie and Leopold, the warlock she loves, work together not only to find the key that will set the Doherty descendants free, but also an antidote to rid Dodie of Anson’s claim on her.